This is not the place you have seen. This is not the place you have ever been to. This is Balia -the land of rebels. The people in this town might not look familiar to you yet you will feel too close to them. And even if it seems that these people are not reality or that these people are not believable, it would indicate that Kerry on Kutton, has successfully brought stories of that unreal world in front of us, which actually exists in our far-fetched towns and cities. And this is the best compliment this film could deserve.

Kerry On Kutton, is basically, about four characters-Kerry, Kadambari, Jyoti and Suraj. It is their struggle to get what they want. It is their struggle to fight for the identification of their realties. Each is fighting a battle and surprisingly, none of them know about it.

It would not be very easy to find that struggle for you as well. But every now and then, you would see Kerry laughing hard when he is told that his mother ran away from with someone and that his father has doubt whether he is his son or not. When Kadambari fights with his father, protesting against the idea of joining his family business of playing in Band Baaja, you see his struggle. Same is the case with Aradhana and Suraj, who try to push hard to suffice their own wants.

I hope people don’t walk away from the theatres, thinking that Kerry on Kutton was just about 4 youth, who try hard to achieve what they want. There is more to it certainly.

The best part about the film, though, is its music and quirky dialogues. Actors Satyajeet Dubey, Aditya Kumar, Aradhana Jagota and Karan Mahavar have done justice to their roles. The best dialogues, though, were kept for Shivam Pradhan, who shines in his small but effective role as Hippy Thakur.

When he says, “Ghodi chalna seekh gaya, iska matlab ye nahi ki thukai bhi kar lega”, you would not be able to stop you laugh.

The music wins your heart too. If nothing excites you in the film, then at least ‘Rajjo Bhaiya’ will make you tap your feet on the floor.

Kerry on Kutton might look a bit patchy at some places. Being an independent film, which failed to accumulate a high budget and hire required human resource, the mistakes in the film can be overseen. It deserves to be seen for it dares to tell a story which many might see as important.

If you have forgotten all your desipana lessons, go and watch this film for a quick revision.

Review By: Shubham Pandey


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