To find solace and chaos at the same time is near to impossible. There are times when you find both these, listening to M Cream’s music is certainly one of those occasions. The film music released on July 22nd. The songs are creating a lot of buzz amongst the youth.

While the song ‘Parinda’ has that spooky feel to it, describing the youth today, which has power in its hand and determination in its heart, Mandani Bolena rings in the right corner of your heart, soothing the pulses which went high with ‘Parinda’.

To say the least, there is a great mix of rock and classic music in M Cream. Shubha Mudgal comes back after ages, singing for a film. Listening to Mandani Bolena will take you on a journey, enroute hills, while you transport your soul to different parts of the world. ‘Parinda’ though makes you ask for more of the drum-thrashing and guitar-stringing, even after the song is over. There is a great connection between these two songs. As you hear them one after the other, you feel a sudden change in moods.

Dhaval Mudgal’ s Man With a Million Drugs is the ‘trippiest’ of all. Something which a film like M Cream deserved as part of its music album.  

The trio of Srijan Mahajam, Arsh Sharma, Nikhil Malik from the music company Studio Fuzz deserves applaud for doing a fantastic work in their first ever film music album. 

The music of the film is available on below links: Listen, Share & Post your comments


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