Aradhana jagota came into the picture with TV Series 24 two years back. The Delhi-born girl never looked in a hurry in making a career decision and chose projects which she thought was good for her. It was then that Kerry On Kutton came her way and she liked her character ‘Jyoti’ that she could not stop herself from saying yes to it.Aradhana-Jagota_Kerry On Kutton_Actress_Bollywoodirect

Here, is a girl who is making it big in the city of dreams, Talking to Bollywoodirect about her dreams, her life and her next film Kerry On Kutton.

Just tell us about yourself. A bit about your growing up years.

I am basically from Delhi. I did my schooling as well as my college in Delhi only. I got interested in acting from a very early. I was in 11th standard when I took a decision that I want to become an actress. I was involved in dramatic in school as well. It was during a school play when the audience just stood up for me and started clapping. The rush that I got from that particular moment made me decide that I want to be an actress. This is what I wished to do in my life. I went back home excited after the play and told my parents how everyone loved my performance and told them that I want to take it seriously. My father said that you should definitely go ahead in this pursuit. My parents were always open to my choices and never showed any objection. But they always wanted me to complete my education because it counts at all stages of life.

When I was 19 and in the second year of college, I had started modeling. But Delhi has not got much scope in acting and there was nothing big over there. So, once I finished my college, I shifted my base to Bombay. It was in January 2012 when I shifted, I suppose.

Aradhana-Jagota_Kerry On Kutton_Actress_BollywoodirectAfter landing up in Bombay, how did you went about finding work?

I had made a few contact on my own during my modeling days in Delhi. Before my 3rd year, during the summer break, I had come to Mumbai for two months just to see how things are here and how well prepared I am for this city. I just wanted to be better prepared before coming to Bombay permanently. I tried to give many auditions in acting. Things went pretty well. I made great contacts during that time as well.

How did you get Kerry On Kutton?

Ashok was my super senior in college. He was studying cinema. He knew that I do modeling and I am interested in acting as well. So, when he was making his final project film, he asked me to do a role in that film. I agreed to his proposal. We did not end up shooting that film. It got canned. But once 24 released, he called me told me that he liked me in it. He also said that his new script is ready and about to get on the floor so would I be interested in doing one role in his film. I went for the narration and absolutely loved that character. I got the film because he was my senior in the college.Aradhana-Jagota_Kerry On Kutton_Actress_Bollywoodirect

How did you prepare for that role? Was it difficult

I don’t think it was difficult. Yes, it was a big challenge. And I love taking challenges. I am that sort of a person. I love playing those characters which are not like me and that is the fun of being in this profession. If the character is like me then there is no kick in doing it. The joy is when you are playing someone from a very different world. When this character came to me, we did a 15-day workshop in Lucknow. During those 15 days, we just talked about the character. I also made sure that I did my homework alongside. I used to go to a nearby market to observe people and see how they behave. I would just listen to the conversation of girls over there. I also talked to many government school going girls because I was playing one. It was done just to get the hold of the character. I also interacted a lot with my maid at the place where we were staying in Lucknow. She helped me a lot in getting prepared for this role.

The character that you playing in Kerry On Kutton is very bold in nature. Many bold characters are bring written for actresses these days. your take on that?

I think bold scenes are common these days. You pick up any bollywood film and you will easily find a kissing scene in it. It has become very normal. The kissing scene in our film is an intensified one because that was the demand of the script. If you will see the film, you will realize that the scene is very important to the film and you will actually end up laughing at the end of it. It is beautiful written and shot. It was not awkward but required. As an actor, you are mentally prepared for that.

Also, Kerry on Kutton is a story of four people who are about 18 or 19 years old. It is the age where one is sexually attracted towards the opposite sex. So, showing those changes and attraction was required in the script.

Aradhana-Jagota_Kerry On Kutton_Actress_BollywoodirectWhat is that one special thing audience will pick on?

I think the dialogues. Himanshu Tripathi has done a tremendous job at writing the dialogues. They are very catchy and funny. The audience will take back the dialogues. I am very sure that is going to happen.

Any moment you would like to share with us from the time of shoot?

There are many but I remember the time when we were shooting in January in Lucknow. It was very cold and I had to shoot in Salwaar Kameez. We would shoot either early morning or late night. It got really tough for me to shoot wearing summer clothes. It was quite a headache as I recall. Everyone used to make fun of me as I used to shiver in cold.

Interview By- Shubham Pandey

Image Courtesy: Aradhana’s Facebook

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