Here, comes a tale from the land of Baghi Ballia, Kerry on Kutton looks like a rapid yet thrilling tale of different lives trying hard to make quick money. At the same time, the film looks raw and edgy. Satyajeet Dubey and Aditya Kumar are two youths who will go to endless possibilities to attain their respective targets.

The trailer is gripping indeed and makes you crave for more. 

Though, how good it turns out to be could only be told when the film releases. Satyajeet and Aditya’s chemistry is looking good onscreen. Dialogues are witty and quirky as we make out from the trailer. With four characters trying to achieve their dreams in setting of a small town, with every emotion high on them, it seems we are up for a high-end drama with this film. To sum it up, Kerry On Kutton looks like a film which is a mix of dreams, desires, misled youth, love, and lust.

It could lay the way for Teenage Dramas to enter the mainstream bollywood cinema again because we did not have any in the last few years. It is that one small film which surprises audiences every year. Exciting. Funny. Insane and thrilling. Watch Out for the lads from Ballia- the land of rebels.

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