Directed by       Shaad Ali

Produced by     Aditya Chopra

Starring             Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra

Release date    14 November 2014

Rating                2/5

The all melodramatic, stylish and formulaic 70’s has always been a pet for Bollywood enthusiasts. The obsession is so sky-scraping we have made almost every film from that era a classic in today’s times. A gruesomely awesome villain, heroes with undying attitude & emotional story to back-up their instinct in present, sensational beauties ready to show off their best of designer outfits & born-leniency to step in a song & dance sequence at any given time!

Well, all that could work in sync if smartly put in the mold of a tout script and engaging screenplay but it is like asking for much as for as Shaad Ali’s KILL/DIL is concerned.  So, it turns out to be an average action-potboiler with a clear signage of some good deadpan humor, laudable performances of a couple from the cast, stylish looks and scenic camerawork getting wasted for most. Even Gulzar saab’s poetic commentary all the way through different segments and stages in the plot could not lesser any of your displeasures from the film.

Dev [The all bouncy, jovial & animated Ranveer Singh] and Tutu [Ali Zafar, cool as ever] are two best of buddies raised to be cold-blooded sharp-shooters by their foster-father in crime world Bhaiyaji [Govinda back to win hearts]. Their Maar-keting job is paying them well to do all the debauchery deeds until Dev meets Disha [Parineeti in probably one of her most trivial roles], born & brought in the plot to give a new Disha i.e. direction to Dev’s life. No prizes for guessing, the heart in love creates havoc in the promising plot & in quite enticing lives of both the sharpshooters. The buoyancy in characters gets killed brutally by the saddening melodrama.

This doesn’t mean KILL/DIL to be a complete wash-out. Shaad Ali’s average story gets constant boost up from the pokerfaced wit in the dialogues and some of the intentionally-designed elements in the screenplay. In the very first scene, you see a political leader approaching in a car and the number-plate reads ‘Neta’ [Leader in Hindi]. The pun is bold & hard to get unnoticed. Similarly, there is a sequence where a jeweler gets into his regular bargain-mode ignoring the fact that he currently is at gunpoint of his possible abductors. & how can you overlook a Nirupa Roy portrait on the wall, as the founder of a life-insurance company!

KILL/DIL sees the comeback sort of the yesteryear mass-entertainer Govinda in his first outing as the antagonist of a film. He plays the Godfather to Ranveer & Ali and does it with more emotions than just playing the routine villain. He can show off his moist eyes as well as the iniquity in the nature. He talks less but worthy, he laughs good and scary and dances too. Isn’t it enough to celebrate! Ranveer is known for investing loads of energy like a powerhouse. He does exactly same here too. With Ali’s all more unruffled & at ease presentation and some of the best nippy one-liners, his portrayal is pleasantly vivacious. Parineeti does her part well but doesn’t really amaze you much.

On the whole, Shaad Ali’s KILL/DIL could have been better if persistent and confident about its experiment with styling the age-old sub-standard plot as a shinier-slicker & tighter entertainer. It had glimpses and hints but that’s that. For the rest, it is a regular movie-going experience just to kill your time and not the appetite for good entertainment. Home-viewing could be a different story altogether. My quest for a story-department in Yashraj Films hasn’t ended yet!

Review Written By:- Gaurav Rai

Kill Dil


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