One of the most popular filmmaker Quentin Tarantino had said, “I did not go to film schools, I went straight into films.” What he obviously meant was that to become a filmmaker all that you need to have is the passion and vigour, rest of the things follow. When you look up to filmmakers like Nolan and Tarantino, you start realizing that it is indeed your own hardwork and talent that takes you forward as a filmmaker.

So, how relevant are film schools in this day and time? The answer is very much positive. One of the recent myth people associate with film schools is that they consider these schools to be there road to success in the industry. This mental set up among the kids is actually ruining the importance of film schools. Film schools are there to polish the skills which are still raw inside you. Today, cinema is more than just camera, sound and action. Cinema has travelled a long way since its inception. The theories, practices and techniques of film making has improved and transformed in these years. This has led to filmmakers becoming specialists, more than multi -taskers. A film school which is equipped with proper infrastructure and faculty acts as the building ground for the budding filmmakers.

Each year, student who pass out of their under-graduate college, look up to hone their skills before finally strolling into become the next Spielberg or Ray. Let us look at some of the best film schools around the world, which have proved as the training ground for some eminent talents. 


New York Film Academy - Bollywoodirect

New York Film Academy is considered as one of the top film schools in the world. This is the reason you see students from around the world learning the art of making films here. The academy has two campuses, one in New York and the other at universal studios in Los Angeles. NYFA offers a variety of programs including MFA in filmmaking, BFA in filmmaking, and film workshops ranging from 3 to 8 weeks. Visit the website here


Beijing Film Academy - Bollywoodirect

This film academy in china is regarded as one of the respected film schools in the world. This also is the only institute in whole China, where the Chinese filmmaking talent is honed. Beijing Film Academy is host to various departments that include the Cinematography Department, the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, and the Film and TV Technology Department.Visit the website here. 



The prime film institute in India is currently in news for all the wrong reasons. Bet let us keep that a side as there are a lot of good things to say about this glorious film school in India. The alumuni of FTII include eminent filmmakers and editors and actors. Rajkumar Hirani, Oscar Winner Resul Pokkuty, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, they all hail from FTII. These are just the few names. The list of great filmmakers and actors who have passed out from this institute is very long. Postgraduate programs are available in all aspects of filmmaking such as direction, editing, cinematography and audiography. There are courses available in acting and scriptwriting as well. Visit the website here.


UCA, england
England is also a great place to learn the art of filmmaking and University For The Creative Arts is a testament to that. This university is singularly dedicated to the creative industries.UCA is one of the leading institutes in UK and very famous among the Asian students. The institutes specialises in teaching technical skills like multi-camera shooting, production design, special effects, lighting and script writing. It is a place where you learn both the creative as well as technical aspects of film making. Visit the website here


Bath Spa University - Bollywoodirect
This is a unique film school which is located in one of the most beautiful settings in the southwest of England. Why is it unique? The reason is that it teaches students to work on a low budget in order to train its students to try and compete with Hollywood. The university not only teaches the art of film making but the art of marketing and distributing a film as well. One of the best feature of the university is that while the students of the full time courses can complete the course in one year, the students of the part time courses can take twice as long time. Visit the website here


baptist univ
Hong Kong is considered as the third largest film industry in the world. Hong Kong has been the film hub of Asia for decades now. For the last 40 years Baptist University has been nurturing the talented students who went there to pursue filmmaking. Its list of alumni includes some great personalities from film world including Felix Chang of Internal Affairs fame. If you get to attend guest lectures by John Woo and Hou Hsaio, then you know where you should head to. Visit the website here


Mel Hoppenhein School Of Cinema - Bollywoodirect
The University has under its branch the prestigious Mel Hoppenhein School Of Cinema. In international circles, the school is highly regarded for the study of film production, animation and film studies. Postgraduate programs on offer include MFA in Studio Arts with an option for Film Production; PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies; and an MA in Film Studies. Visit the website here



The Department of film at York University is considered the largest and most comprehensive university-based film school in Canada. As many as 40 award-winning filmmakers who are still active in their field teach here as guest faculties. The blend of theoretical and practical training help the students to get the deep knowledge related to cinema. This university give space to almost 500 students to hone their filmmaking skills. The free-thinking and the creative environment makes it easier for the students to grow their skills.Visit the website here


The School of Creative Arts at the City University of Hong Kong is another institute of repute in the Asia region. The University offers a variety of programs in animation, direction and photography. Four things which are extensively instilled in the students here are innovation, critical thinking, creativity and adaptability. A lot of students from the west who are keen in understanding the Asian film industry or have eagerness to work in Asia chose City University in Hong Kong. Visit the website here

Written By – Shubham Pandey

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