What happens when your dreams become your passion and you leave no stone unturned to bring that dream into reality? ‘Chhotu’ is one of those dreams which the makers of the short film dreamt of and hold on to, despite the difficulties that came their way. CHHOTU POSTER 2_Raghav Diwan _Short Film_Bollywood_Bollywoodirect

Released on Sony LIV and soon to be available on Muvizz.com and YouTube, Chhotu is the journey of a boy with immense talent, who lacked opportunities and was discouraged. From working in a restaurant to becoming a magician, Chhotu struggles his way to success and lives his dreams.

Inspired by the life of the writer and actor himself, Chhotu is the story of Raghav Diwan who ran away from his home at the age of 14 to do something substantial and earn money. In love with performing magic, he works at a small restaurant. Unwillingly his talent is revealed through an incident and his talent gets noticed by an event organizer. She pursues him to participate in the talent show and this begins his journey of living his dream, of becoming a magician. Raghav performed magic, like Chhotu, in Jamnagar for three years before stepping into acting. 

CHHOTU POSTER 2_Raghav Diwan _Short Film_Bollywood_Bollywoodirect
The cast & crew of Chhotu

Produced by Piyush Singh, who has produced movies like Kriti, Taandav, and Bhosle, Chhotu has been Co-produced by Abhishek K Nair and has been written by Raghav Diwan. 

Abhishek, is a businessman by profession and a movie buff by heart. He himself is a keen follower of cinema and always wanted to be a part of this industry. Stating the reason why he chose Chhotu to debut his journey as a producer, he said that Chotu is an inspirational and a motivational movie for the youngsters. For him, a movie is about giving the audience a good moral and this is what Chhotu does. 

The short film also features actress Sheena Chohan who is one of the most promising faces in the industry. Having worked with directors like Buddhadev Dasgupta, Ila Arun, and Jayraj, Sheena’s current film is streaming on Netflix.

The movie can be seen here

CHHOTU POSTER 2_Raghav Diwan _Short Film_Bollywood_Bollywoodirect

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