There’s another Bhardwaj knocking the door with his first directorial film. Munish Bhardwaj comes out with his debut filmMunish Bhardwaj-In Greed We Trust-Moh Maya Money-Ranvir Shorey-Neha Dhupia-Full Movie-Director-Official Trailer-Bollywoodirect as a director with Moh Maya Money, a saga of two lives trapped by the greed of money. The film has Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia playing the lead characters. It is, however, not the actors but the story which is the winner in the film, says Munish.

Here’s what all he had to say when Bollywoodirect spoke to him about Moh Maya Money. 

Q: First of all, tell us about the film – Moh Maya Money that you are coming up with?

A: The film is based on stories of a couple, played by Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia. Their characters are called Aman and Divya in the film. Neha plays an ambitious news producer in the film. Ranvir plays a real estate broker in a multi-national company.

Aman is used to doing little money scams. So, one day, he gets a big deal. He passes on the deal to a broker outside his company and because of that he finds himself trapped into a troubled situation. The film is about how he gets trapped in a situation and to get out of it. He involves his begrudging wife leading to an end neither could have imagined.

Munish Bhardwaj-Moh Maya Money-Ranvir Shorey-Neha Dhupia-Full Movie-Director-Official Trailer-Bollywoodirect
Munish Bhardwaj on the sets of Moh Maya Money with Ranvir Shorey & Neha Dhupia

Q: How was the story conceived?

A: I always wanted to tell this kind of a story. When I got the idea of the film, it took me around 5-6 months to write the script. I got a co-writer on board then. She is Mansi Jain. She is learning cinema at Columbia University. Mansi did a workshop of the script in her class with 10 other international students. Their feedback was valuable to arrive at the final script.

Also, because I belong to Delhi and I know such ambitious characters which are a part of this film. Such faces are everywhere there in Delhi. The idea must have come from there.

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Q: You worked with fine actors like Ranvir and Neha? What do they bring to the film?

A: They bring so much to the film. Ranvir and I are very old and close friends. I know him for 15 years now. We have done theater together. I know how big a talent Ranvir is. I am a huge fan of his. I always say that Neha has not her due in hindi cinema. She is an amazing actress. When I was writing this film, I knew this was for them. I am happy that they liked the script when they read it for the first time itself. This role was not offered to anybody else other than these two.

Munish Bhardwaj-Moh Maya Money-Ranvir Shorey-Neha Dhupia-Full Movie-Director-Official Trailer-Bollywoodirect

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from? How did the inclination towards your film happen?

A: I am a graduate from Film and Television Institute of India. I completed my graduation from there in the year 1994. I assisted Mani Kaul, Rajat Kapoor, Kumar Sahani. I was Chief Assistant Director in Chaar Adhyay. I have also written Bhanwar, a serial which aired on Sony TV at one time. I have been involved a lot with films and serials. I took a long time to come out with my first film. But I am happy that I am finally out there and doing this.

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Q: What will be the takeaway for the audience when they come out after watching Moh, Maya, Money?

A: Like I said, my film works on my thrills. I can assure the audience that they will enjoy the roller-coaster ride that the film offers. The story is very unpredictable. The audience will be up for a surprise in this film. You would not be able to judge the direction of this film and it will amaze you with every scene. The last shot of the film is the biggest reveal of the film.

It is a non-linear structure and everything is connected with each other. When people will come out, they will still be connecting the major portions of the film and amaze at what all happened on the screen. I can also assure that this will be Ranvir’s and Neha’s best performance on the screen till now.

Interview By: Shubham Pandey

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