Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Lisa Haydon, Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Rati Agnihotri

Director: Abhishek Sharma

Rating: [1.5/5] 

Indian men are trained to read between the lines in a way best suited for their ambitions, especially if it has anything to do with women & sex. If a girl throws a generous smile at you, there’s a definite ‘hidden chance’ there to try your dirty luck.

So, when a free-spirited girl living at her own says she will do anything to meet her Bollywood-crush Akshay Kumar, it is more than enough ‘signal’ for 3 true Indian-at-heart, lecherously sleazy old men to run a cut-throat competition between them. Obviously, the girl was nowhere near the ‘understood’ connotation of her enthusiastic announcement and one of the contestants could only get a peck on his bald head and the worth-dying for title of ‘Rockstor’ in return. In the very next scene, he’s seen sharing the all made-up juicy stories of his false-success in the act and getting paid with what she has promised. Finding it funny? Shameful, I would say!

TERE BIN LADEN fame Abhishek Sharma returns with remaking Basu Chatterji’s cutely titillating comedy SHAUKEEN. The new version is called THE SHAUKEENS and the Utpal Dutt-Ashok Kumar-A K Hangal trio is replaced with Anupam Kher-Annu Kapoor & Piyush Mishra. Undeniably, the cuteness is killed by the crudeness and the cheap sex-humor.

Story revolves around three aging licentious, lusty and sex-starving men from Delhi hitting girls of all ages around them. Lali [Anupam Kher] has a wife at home, clearly disinterested in sex and busy ensuring her place in heaven with heavy religious duties. Pinky [Piyush Mishra] is a masala-king having no spices in his life as his wife had already passed away. KD [Annu Kapoor] is a wild-untamable bachelor by choice. Together they plan a trip to Mauritius meant to calm their guilty pleasures and to their best; it is a gipsy-sexy-carefree girl Ahana [Lisa Haydon] who welcomes them as the caretaker of their rented accommodation.

Keeping these 3 extensively indecent, strong-minded & unshakable filthy men’s intentions in mind, I felt good for other girls on the beaches of Mauritius as they looked only focused to one. Film constantly carries scenes of forcefully hugging & caressing the girl and even literally begging her to wear bikni in one particular scene. Following the current statistics of rise in eve-teasing & sexual harassment of women in India, these men tick all the boxes to be considered for serious sentence but here, they are not only calculated funny but also deliberately get blessed with stupid justification of their insufferable behavior- the loneliness and a good harmless heart within. How ridiculous!

Thank God, the producer is here to save some of his film. Akshay Kumar plays himself and intrepidly jokes on himself ranging from doing same things in every film of his, being compared with wooden furniture in terms of his acting ability [Heartless Critics, I say] and his ‘not really’ but witty wish to win national awards someday. His tracks in the film are similarly intertwined like any parallel comedy tracks in South Indian Masala entertainers. On the performances, Annu Kapoor plays it cool and the most confident about his part. Piyush Mishra shows faith on his theatrics more. Anupam Kher is hammy for the most.

At the end, THE SHAUKEENS dies a regrettable death despite having promising names like Tigmanshu Dhulia as the writer and Abhishek Sharma as the director. Things do get worse on a bad day. It is one such for many, including the viewers and the reviewers. Avoid it!

Review Written By:- Gaurav Rai

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