Mala is a super fun character. Believes in living in the moment, says Vega Tamotia, talking about her recent film ‘Amit Sahni ki List’

After seven years in indian film industry, Vega Tamotia is slowly paving her path in Bollywood. Vega’s debut was in Tamil, in the title role of Saroja in the film directed by Venkat Prabhu. Vega belongs to Chattisgarh, spent 14 years in Australia and was ready to take up a career in economics in Sydney when she got an offer to act. Recently, Bollywoodirect got a chance to talk to her about her experiences and her recent work “Amit Shahni ki List”.

1316010954389212Vega says, “ I have been doing theatre since I was in school…so always been attracted to acting. Although I never thought I would do it as a profession. Just happened that way after I finished my studies that I got involved in professional theatre and then from there movie just happened to come my way.”, when asked about how she realized that acting can be a career choice for her.

Before “Amit Shahni ki List”, she have worked in another Hindi movie “Chittgong”, a period film based on the Chittagong armoury raid of 1930. The film features her in the historical character of Pritilata Waddedar, a freedom fighter and was premiered in film festivals before a commercial release.

Talking about her character in movie “ Amit Shahni ki List”, Vega says “Mala is a super fun character. Believes in living in the moment. Does what she wants to do at that moment in time. I think I’m fairly similar in that respect… I really try and do what I want to at themoment in time.” She also added that it was very challenging to prepare for the character, “Mala in the film plays the violin, does ballet and bungee jumps….all of which required extensive training. So I spent quite a few weeks prepping for the character.”

For her, it was great experience to work with Virdas and jokingly mentioned “He is a extremely funny guy and gives excellent love advice incase you are every looking for some. Apart from this, she also feels that working with the film crew was great and she will cherish many experiences.

She expects that film will be well received by the audiences and people will talk about it. She feels that it will create a ripple effect with audiences and create a wide impact. “It’s an underdog film which needs word of mouth publicity.”Ab-Mein-Kya-Karoon-Promo-Song-Amit-Sahni-Ki-List

So far, Vega has been part of eight films and says she is instinctive in choosing her projects. “I may sound silly when I say I make up mind about a film within the first three minutes of story narration, but that’s how it works for me. On occasions, I have gone against this instinct and later regretted my decision,” she says.



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