Live from Kashmir’ is an attempt to create an image of a conflict zone to highlight the human cost of it. The now of Kashmir is a product of an intelligent, self-respecting generation that has learnt to harness the surge in technology to a better understanding of their politic. Through a series of videos of we will create a realistic picture of the vibrant and determined community in crisis, that still sparkles with a hope, purposefulness, and Bon Vivante. The dogged glamour of a revolution casts its glitter on the people. ‘Live from Kashmir ‘looks at the people and life of Kashmir.

Emphasizing the broad-minded culture, Islamic piety, youthful protest music, vibrant folk history, a distinct and evolved art and culture and the unavoidable historical context. The attempt will be to make the average Kashmiri relatable to the world at large. There is an uneasiness in Kashmir, the common man has finally lost his patience with the constant dread in their lives. This has led to an unprecedented eruption of a new kind of art, music, and writing.

From stone-pelters to conciliatory liberals trying to find a way to peace, the new generation that has never lived under normalcy desperately wants peace and has become restless. At Video Daddy we want to present this new face of Kashmir to the world by operating at the heart of the crisis, on a houseboat on the Dal Lake, in the heat of the moment.

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