Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha

Director:Prabhu Deva

Release Date: 05/12/14

Rating:- 1/5

India is a land where superstitions are the most fertile substance, that too without having much substance. Ranging from the black cat crossing your path to someone sneezing at you while you’re making your best move; superstitions don’t demand much but quite a few non-rational minds with blind-faith. Add a new count to the list. If you are a girl tagged as ‘unlucky’ by your friends and have same amount of common sense as Sonakshi flaunts in the film, here is the good news. Seeing someone special [Ajay Devgn in this case] in his undies could get you promotions in your job or you might also win a jackpot at your nearest mega mart. I wish making audience feel the same would have been so easy for Prabhu deva!

Prabhu deva’s latest brainless entertainer ACTION JACKSON is a terribly torturous exercise not only to watch it as a viewer but also to recollect and reconcile it on paper as a film reviewer. Trust me, I could go and copy paragraphs from my earlier reviews of such mindless 100 Cr club entries to paste it here and you would never notice a thing. But then, I am no Prabhudheva myself. There’s nothing called story in this weirdly comic and miserably painful action drama as such; still, I would try my best to make you understand how difficult and excruciating it could get to sit through.

Ajay Devgn plays a good-hearted gunda who can intimidate a school principal for not giving admission to a street-vendor’s son just because the father is an illiterate. So what if while doing such good social work with help of the shining dagger in his hands, he forgets that the kid is there in the frame too, probably having wrong impressions about which career is the most considerable and dependable of the both. Sonakshi plays you know what. She has been playing this role for the nth time now and is still, very far from mastering it. Kunaal Roy Kapoor of ‘DELHI BELLY’ enters the Limca Book of worst Records for making a mark in slap-stick comedies. He gets slapped non-stop in every scene he makes appearance in to bring some smile on your face. Acting is a painful process for many, I guess!

And then; in the midst of so many disappointments, shines and rises the Femina Miss India 2010 Manasvi Mamgain making her debut as the bad girl Marina. She carries her promise at the pageant to empower women in India by playing a tough and determined girl who intrepidly dares the machoman Ajay Devgn in the film with, “Mujhe jo cheej pasand aa jaaye, wo meri ho jaati”. Bravo, for beating all the Gulshan Grovers & Prem Chopras of Bollywood!

Overall, ACTION JACKSON is filled with gravity-defying action sequences, absurdly placed dance numbers, comedy that hardly tickles any bone and a lot of ear-deafening sound effects. The plot gets thicken only at the time of interval when the twist gets unraveled. And it works, especially to make you convinced about not leaving the film in the interval only. Mission successful! You are fooled, again. Like said in the first para, India is a land of superstitions. Blending hysterical hammering action, bizarrely non-sense comedy and rude romance with added star-value would make a complete entertainer, is another myth. Don’t trust. Stay away! 

Review Written By:- Gaurav Rai


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