The trailer of Kapil Sharma‘s much-anticipated movie Firangi is here and the film is set in the pre-independence era. Set during the peak of the independence movement, the film is set in Punjab and tells the story of a man Manga who isn’t bothered by the British atrocities and didn’t care about the freedom struggle.

Firangi has been helmed by Rajiev Dhingra and stars Ishita Dutta in the lead opposite Kapil. Monica Gill also plays an important role in the venture. Firangi is set to hit the screens on November 24, 2017.

 The trailer begins with Kapil narrating a story to a child as he takes child & us back in time when India was under the rule of British and the struggle for freedom was at a peak. But there is one person who had a different thought – Manga (Kapil). Manga believes they are not bad people. The man who was good for nothing suddenly turns into the most highly placed man among the white people because of his ability to treat their back pain by kicking them. While the entire country was looking for ways to fight the British, Manga kept them at the end of his kick! But soon, he falls in love and that’s when the story takes a twist.

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