“The Best Movies of 2016” lists start showing up and, like every year, movie buffs preparing their personalized lists often come across the movie La La Land in so many places at the same time. The omnipotence of La La Land is catalyzed by the prediction overflow that the movie will sweep almost half of the Academy awards this year, with its stakes high in music, acting, cinematography, and direction categories.

La La Land: An Intoxicating Dream With Adequate Splash And Flash

The man at the helm, Damien Chazelle, a three films old young filmmaker who is also known as the wonder kid of contemporary Hollywood, has captured the imagination of critics and viewers alike. Like earlier ventures, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench and Whiplash, music continue to be the powerhouse for Chazelle and La La Land is a musical tribute to MGM’s musicals, with full of references to Hollywood’s long and diverse romance with music.

In this exclusive talking session, Chazelle opens up about his preoccupations and obsessions in filmmaking and how he landed up in the musically resonant plots like Whiplash and La La Land. The young director also reflects upon his vision and techniques of filmmaking with examples from the development stages of his movies. He also reveals a desire to drift away from the musical genre to do something more personal and taste more genres in the future.

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If the three movie milestone is a decisive point at which a director is assessed and measured, then  Chazelle has reached his momentous patch and having a high time. The 31-year-old director has many wonderful things in the pipeline while La La Land will be taking its walk on the red carpets all over the world.   

Written By: Ragesh Dipu

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