La La Land is a floating dream dances on the piano keys and the sky, it spurs a smile and a sigh. Nothing more magical than watching a musical blossoming with its true potential. It celebrates life with all tunes and hues. Damien Chazelle is doing everything right and makes a comment that Whiplash wasn’t just a fluke.

From the very first sequence of a traffic jam at Los Angeles twitches into a number of movers and shakers, and you know you are in for a magical ride. Los Angeles, a city of stars a la our very own Mumbai, envelopes so many dreams and stories, La La Land is one of them. Mia is a struggling actress juggles between a café job and fruitless auditions.  Sebastian, an aspiring jazz pianist, who is frustrated with people’s ignorance to jazz, plays in a dingy bar. They fall for each other and two dreamers embark on one of their shared. They go through to ups downs at personal and professional front. As it goes their dreams, relationship and lives waver.

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The chemistry between the lead unleashes most beautiful moments like the theater sequence which lead to mesmerizing the Griffith Observatory sequence or the city of stars song, there are many of them. Ryan Gosling brings the character of a passionate artist alive with an honest performance. His frustration and anger are so relatable to every struggling artist who is in conflict with his own ideology and the scathing reality. From piano keys to dancing feet and emotions he strikes right notes. This is certainly best performance of Emma Stone till date. She is just so perfect for the role.  Stone’s eyes convey innocence, shimmering desire, burning passion, rejection, fear, and love. All struggling actors there will empathize with her character. Both actors shine with dances and those glances.

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Chazelle gives a tribute to 40’s and 50’s Hollywood movies and the late French director Jacques Demy. He has presented a story equally romantic, realistic and gigantic without losing either control or purpose.  Chazelle’s love for music has given the film one of the best soundtracks. Long takes, quick back and forth treatment, song sequences and colorful pallets, Chazelle use each effectively with such an ease. No doubt music is central, but those silent moments leave the most powerful impact, check Mia in the party, looking into a mirror or the last moment.  Chazelle’s vision is poetic and colorful with soul. He is aided by the great work at production, costume and set department. The film thrives on to its technical support from the vibrant choreography by Mandy Moore, strong soundtrack by Justin Horwitz and stunning cinematography Linus Sandgren .  The way every frame has been lit, it’s sheer art. It was no secret that Damien Chazelle is a talented filmmaker, this film actually makes sure that you wait eagerly for his next venture.

La La Land is a love letter to all dreamers there, dancing and musing in their La land.  Go savor this and you will not be disappointed.

Written By: Kelvin Rabella

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