Past is present. You are what you have been at all the assorted stages in your life. Each one has contributed and transited some of it to shape up your present. Not only the eventful accomplishments but abortive relationships too! And if it is not just one or two but 10 to be exact, consider yourself a layered project fascinating enough for everyone to experience.

‘X- Past is present’ brings 11 gifted film-enthusiasts at same platform to tell one heaven of a story meant to have their distinguished style representing various illustrious genres in film-making in the most promising manner. A noted filmmaker [Rajat Kapoor] meets a mystifying beauty that incidentally makes him revisit the days of vividly practiced past with his 10 ex-girlfriends.
The official trailer sees the girl in present [Aditi Chengappa] trying to shake up and extort reminiscent images from filmmaker’s past and we get introduced to his girlfriends in close-cuts. From the suave & sophisticated Gabriella Schmidt to enigmatic Parno Mitra, Bidita Bag, Neha Mahajan, Richa Shukla, Rii Sen, Piaa Bajpai, unrestrained Radhika Apte, overpowering Huma Qureshi, sensuous Swara Bhaskar and the adolescent Pooja Ruparel of DDLJ (…that makes it 11??).

The dramatic streaks in characters and in the visual treatment on their parts sure forecast an experimental stroke for niche and an engaging flick for the rest. Also coming from the fact that each chapter goes to a different director with a fresh new yet synced approach, ‘X- Past is present’ is inventive enough for an artistic effort to hold your attention but if it is not enough for you, here is the most interesting lot of filmmakers joining in to guarantee. The credit reads Q- the man behind the radical, experimental and unapologetically erotic GANDU, notable film-reviewer and journalist Pratim D. Gupta, Sonam Kapoor starrer AISHA fame Rajshree Ojha, Sudhish Kamat of the impressive GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING, Sandeep Mohan, Nalan Kumarsamy, Hemant Gaba, Anu Menon, Abhinav Tiwari, Suparn Verma and the dynamic film-critic Raja Sen.

All said and done, there is a lot to unravel and unlearn about in the plot and in the final product but at the moment of time, ‘X- Past is present’ is a potential innovator to make Indian Cinema proud on any global platform. I hope and wish it breaks all the barriers and refuses to be in the guarded shields of established norms in film-making.

Review Written By: Gaurav Rai

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