Arranged affairs of marriage can be quite dicey. In today’s time, when love is brewing up over cups of coffee everywhere, there are still a few sweet and sour meetings over which parents arrange love. Love it or hate it, but if you are a part of the Indian society, you sure can’t ignore the ritual of rendezvous with eligible mates that your parents have chosen for you to meet. Emotional blackmail, though, but who knows, sometimes the cupid is your mother, who you conveniently choose to ignore, in the matters of love.

One such cute story has been brought to us in the form of a Youtube series, “Love Platter…serves two”, by the channel EmotionalFulls. Started by two Sandeep Jha and Sameer Mishra, EmotionalFulls is their dream of movie making materialized and is doing a thumping good job at it. The latest offering too is a convivial drama filled with relatable moments. Here are reasons why you should definitely take a break, and watch the miniseries.

You meet Suhas aka “Susu”, and Radhika

A normal IT guy who has a tendency to make himself “out of the ordinary”, and lies just “a little”, when he meets a beautiful girl. Then we have a charming girl, who can talk her way into anyone’s heart, and dreams of traveling the world one day, and despises living a simple life of 9 to 5 jobs and daily mundaneness. When they meet, sparks fly. But which way?

We all have siblings like Vedika

Our siblings truly save us from all the embarrassments that we would otherwise face. We might not like the advice that they give out, but at the end, one has to admit that they always have our backs. Watch it for Vedika aka “Didi”, who teases and pulls the leg of Suhas, yet cares for him way too much.

Prady is there for all of us

We all have a friend like Prady, who will deliberately point out and make fun of all the mistakes that we ever did, but will do anything that brings a smile to our face, without a single question. You sure will be reminded of that one pal of yours, who was, and is, a perfect partner-in-crime, in all your deeds, and misdeeds.

Lastly, there is a love story, for all of us

We just need to find it and keep it, after we create it. Being passive does not work all the times. As they say, “All’s fair, in love and war”, they say it right. If you know that you have found that someone, move fast, and say what you feel. Don’t hold it back to wait forever for the right time.

This season, we at Bollywoodirect, welcome you with EmotionalFulls, to experience the rich fondness of Love Platter…serves two. Watch it, to experience it.

Written By: Kadambari Srivastava


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