Jackky Bhagnani is geared up these days for his first film as a producer- Sarbjit. The actor who has had a roller-coaster ride till now in his career is all excited about the Randeep Hooda, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Richa Chadda starrer film.Jackky Bhagnani_Sarbjit_Producer_Aishwarya Rai_Randeep Hooda_Omung Kumar_Trailer_Poster_Review_Bollywoodirect

He talked to Bollywoodirect about why he chose Sarbjit to be his debut film as a producer, who got Aishwarya to play Sarabjit’s sister in the film and whether he would wear the hat of a director as well in the future.

How do you feel about the new role of a film producer? Enjoying the new role?

Oh, I am in so much love with this new role. It is still very new to me. Even though I have worked as an assistant in the company earlier but it is the first time I have taken up the charge as a producer and all the credit goes to Sarbjit for being the story that it is.  It was so good and tempting that I had no other option but to take up this charge of producing this biopic.

That was my next question as well. Was it a brave decision to choose Sarbjit as a subject?

I chose Sarbjit because it is an inspiring story. It is the story that needs to be told and I had to be a part of this story in whichever way. Both my sister and I wanted to carve a new niche for years and Pooja Films is known for making larger than life entertaining movies. Times are changing and there is a space for a lot of content driven films and Sarbjit happened to be the first for us in that perspective. To be honest, I am lucky to be a part of Sarbjit as a producer.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Sarbjit’s sister? Who thought of that idea because she looks perfect in that role.

I would love to say that this idea was mine or someone else’s but the credit for the casting completely goes to our director Omung Kumar. I would not like to bite into the credit at all. The beauty of this film is the unusual casting. It is so beautiful at the same time. I think it was a marvellous decision to rope in her to do this role because I don’t think anybody would have done the kind of justice Aishwarya has done with the role.

What is that one thing which audiences will take away after watching Sarbjit?

The one thing which people will take away is the story. The kind of torture and pain the innocent prisoners go through in jails and how it affects them will move people. We just hear the news that he or she got caught and put behind bars but we never got to know what really happened to them. What was the reason for their arrest? And because this is a true story, you can actually get to know that this is what the man had gone through. Audiences will relate to the story because it has a deep human touch.

The small details in the film are also very riveting. He used to write Rajesh Khanna songs to his wife. Other such facts about the character are very beautiful. The kind of letters he wrote to his wife from the jail. What the family went through. In totality, there is a lot for all kinds of audiences.

Jackky Bhagnani_Sarbjit_Producer_Aishwarya Rai_Randeep Hooda_Omung Kumar_Trailer_Poster_Review_BollywoodirectAre we going to see more biopics from your production house?

If the story of the biopic is interesting and the story needs to be told. One thing is for sure that just because biopics are the flavor of the season, we will not stick to them. Our films will be content driven. If that happens to be a biopic, we will surely do it.

There is a tricky question now being thrown at you. Jacky bhagnani is an actor first or a producer,which of the two roles you enjoy the most?

Acting, any day. That’s not a tricky question at all. That’s what I know and what keeps me up. Like I said earlier because I am an actor it doesn’t mean that every film will have a space for me as an actor. But that does not mean that it will hold me back for being a part of the film.  

What all do you have in place in terms of both acting as well as producing?

As an actor, I have made enough amounts of right and wrong decisions. Right now, I do not want to jump into anything. I am still reviewing my options. As a producer, we have a lot of films lined up and we will be announcing them at the end of the year.

Is direction also on the cards, keeping in mind the multiple roles you are playing these days?

If I could see the future, I could have told you. As of now, No, there is nothing on the cards. But you never say ‘No’.

Interview By: Shubham Pandey

Images Courtesy: Rahul Jhangiani & Rohan Shrestha(Cover)


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