Talat Mahmood (February 1924 – 9 May 1998) is considered one of the greatest male non-classical and semi-classical singers of Indian sub-continent who conquered innumerable hearts and stirred countless souls with his beautifully soft silken voice and profoundly artistic subtle method of singing. He was a born singer with an intuitive sense of beauty, charm and grace. He was truly a legendary Indian playback singer.

Talat Mahmood tried his luck as a film actor also but as it was not done by his choice so couldn’t succeed a great deal. He had a good sense of acting, but the public of his day was more interested in listening to him than seeing him on the silver screen alongside the likes of, the infinitely sublime, Dilip Kumar, the elegant, Ashok Kumar, the charming, Raj Kapoor, and the stylish, Dev Anand.

In this interview with All India Radio, Talat Mahmood Saab is talking about each and everything about his career & his journey as a singer & actor.

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