We don’t live in Mumbai, Mumbai lives in us. To millions, it’s not just a city it’s their personal space. The local train transforms into your living room, where you chop vegetables, eat meals, exchange gossip and knit sweaters. “Mehrooni” is the story of a maroon sweater which is knitted in Mumbai and it grows in Mumbai. It’s becomes the symbol of an unexceptional couple’s journey, struggling to keep their love alive, and survive life in the chaos of a clockwork modern world.

Script & Direction: Faraz Ali

 Producer: Abbas Syed & Imtiyaz Shaikh

Cast: Sharib Hashmi & Kristine Zedek

Cinematography: Neeraj Tewari

 Editing: J.D & Rahul Bajaj

Music: Arijit Datta

Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj

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