One of Indian cinema’s defining film auteurs – SAEED MIRZA is a living legend. He is an enigma and a paradox. A filmmaker with an ever seeking soul, writer, compulsive traveller, thinker and a concerned Indian, this documentary seeks to unravel his poetic vision, juxtaposed with the angst directed at capitalistic and rightist leanings of the society.

Drawing from his emotions, struggles, dilemmas, angst and epiphany in search of the ever-changing truth, we cover his indefatigable journey as a person and filmmaker. His indelible mark on parallel cinema in the 70s through the 90s as Director of several cult Feature Films is captured with effusive beauty and aesthetics.

Saeed has also passionately championed various causes, lending support and voice to human issues and an inclusive society. We also get an insight into his role as a Mentor for a new generation of filmmakers by virtue of his long-standing association with FTII as its erstwhile Chairman and alumni.

The world is perhaps moving further away from Saeed’s ideals. The man is angry… but far from giving up.

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