A great writer doesn’t break rules arbitrarily. He does it because his characters/actors represent normal daily life, they live among us, around us. An awe-inspiring sapling of Mr. Ritesh Shah helped to create a robust, splendid, and disparate mainstream Hindi movie which focuses on real young women who live real lives and deal with prickly daily issues. Pink is a youth-centric movie with a strong message about the choices young/working women of today’s urban India makes. Narrated in an undeviating manner, the simplistically yet impressively presented film is powerful, owing to its memorandum, dialogues, pitch-perfect performances, and above all to a unique and unconventional story line.

The inspiration To Write Pink Must Have Come From A Real-Life Character: Ritesh Shah

It has taken Bollywood so long to make a movie which conveys its message clearly, without embarrassing the subject, without being shilly-shallied, or using perverted or depraved language. Hearing the dialogue, “are you a virgin” in a meaningful, non-smirky way is simply priceless. It clearly underlines a woman’s freedom to own her sexuality. If she says “NO” that means only one thing- go away and stop bothering her. She isn’t the person of loose morals. So leave her alone. She is the master of her mind and body.pink-movie-review-rating-Bollywoodirect-Trailer-Full Movie-amitabh-bachchan-taapsee-pannu-kirti-kulhari
Two strong assets, “Verbal and Visuals” have been conceptualized and exhibited brilliantly by skilled and talented Ritesh Shah in his story lines of Pink. He conveys multiple messages to society, and concerned authorities through visuals and strong yet dignified dialogues. In fact, the screenplay and dialogues are the strongest pillars of Pink. Flavored with the language that youth of today relates to, the dialogues are hard-hitting and packed with relevant messages. The essence of the story is a powerful stigma on the existing feudal mindset society of my India where male and female are judged by a different yardstick.

I congratulate Mr. Ritesh Shah for striking “the unhealthy imbalance of our gender biased society” so brilliantly and in a simplistic manner. The strong impact of this message is eloquently apparent in Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s letter to his granddaughters. I salute the “genius” of Mr. Ritesh Shah and wish him endless miles of success and glory in the days to come.

By: Dr.Salman Abid Lyricist/Poet,Hyderabad

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