Knowledge Series has been that segment of Film Bazaar where one can truly widen their horizon which goes beyond the technicalities of Film Making. Over the decade they have had session with the biggest of names which include- Shekhar Kapoor, Sudhir Mishra,Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar, Soojit Sircar and blue label companies like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook who have covered topics ranging from social media marketing to virtual reality filmmaking, packaging for various media and the list goes on.

Last year one of the highlights of Knowledge Series was the Films and Beyond Session with A. R Rahman; which had an overwhelming response. He spoke about his take on film music and film sound. He said that over the last 15 years filmmakers have become more ambitious and want to reach out to audiences abroad, but the soul is still the same just the covering the capsule is different.

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He confessed that even though songs can be an obstruction sometimes for the narrative but are inserted for commercial and marketing purposes- he’s still a fan of lip sync.

While talking about filmmakers he said that he felt very few filmmakers understand the actual depth of music. He went to add- “New filmmaker comes and he is excited about the nostalgia of my music attached to his memories. When classic filmmakers come like Mani Ratnam, Shankar or Ashutosh Ji, they know exactly what we have to do together as a team. So these are two different things. The new filmmakers are more exciting because together I can go to a new zone. It doesn’t have to be a tried and tested way. It might work, it might not work but at least I am having fun.“

The session also had a great moment when Palomi Ghosh the actor and singer of the much-acclaimed film Nachomia Kumpasar, stood up to ask her question to Rahman that how do they make the cut and be selected to sing for him or be a part of his ensemble to which he just said “surprise me!” She was overwhelmed, but she performed a Konkani jazz number from the film itself, once done she was taken aback by the response she got from Rahman; he said “Taken! Come for my concert.

On its 10th year the Knowledge Series promises to have some great line ups and surprises, they’re going out of their way to make it large. To know more log on to

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