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Rating : 6/10
Release Date : 27th November, 2015
Time : 151 minutes
Director & Writer: Imtiaz Ali; Music : A R Rahman;
Starring : Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Mishra, Yash Sehgal, Piyush Mishra, Javed Sheikh

I got the central message but not the way the delivery has been,
I loved, in minutes, the first ten and five, and the last fifteen
But sadly very little of what’s in between…

tamasha duo

After a slightly surreal opening sequence about a young boy (Yash Sehgal playing a young Ranbir) and a storyteller (Piyush Mishra), which kind of sets the mood for what lies ahead, btw, we arrive in Corsica. Beautiful, sun-drenched, summery, full of old world charm, cobbled streets, pristine waterfalls, a very leggy, vivacious Deepika Padukone, a charming Ranbir Kapoor, emerald green seas, gorgeous vistas…and did I mention Deepika’s legs, that go on for miles ?

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Anyways, they meet, have fun, set boundaries, break them, romance, mention Asterix in Corsica and all the while don’t tell each other who they are. Then they leave and we are treated to a fabulous, mad-cap song, Heer To Badi Sad Hai

…And then they meet again…and it gets quite boring, very normal (despite all the stuff about it not being the same old story). Things perking up again only just before the end…

Tamasha duo 2

It’s kind of a gender – reverse complicated version of Jab We Met (kind of). It’s about doing what makes you happy, finding your mojo, recognizing your own special story, chasing your own dreams, writing your own story, shunning mediocrity, pursuing excellence.

tamasha duo 3


But as someone who’s chosen paths of the beaten track, I found issue even with the way that is depicted (rant coming up, you’ve been warned). It’s not a binary equation, is it ? There is a way to find happiness / pursue your passion outside the confines of the workplace (which circumstances may have forced on you). So the solution offered – the break free – may not necessarily be the only option, nay, can probably be a very dangerous course to recommend. And what is this fixation about being the best ? Do whatever you’ve chosen to do well, have fun doing it – if you’ve chosen a line because you want to enjoy life then why put this additional pressure of trying to be the best – just be the best you can be, no ? Revel in the fact that you’ve chosen a different option and find happiness in your own unique way (apologies to Mr Tolstoy). 

Tamasha delhi 2

Tamasha Delhi 3

And that brings us to what for me is the fatal flaw in the movie – the character played by Ranbir doesnt really ring true…the one we saw in Corsica and the one we see in Delhi can simply not be the same person ! Dont want to give anything away, so please message / comment here if you’d like more discussion on why I think so…

Tamasha end 2

Tamasha End

All in all, Imtiaz Ali here chooses a rather convoluted way to tell us a story – normally he’s quite direct, well thought out and it seems to come from the heart – this one falls somewhere in between. Thank God, as a saving grace, for AR Rahman’s kickass soundtrack, the impish charm of Ranbir and the sizzling, perky Deepika (you were waiting for me to mention the legs again, weren’t you ?

Review Written By- Apurv Nagpal Author of Eighteen Plus 

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