Kunal Malla, an actor, a singer and a man with multi talents, has been born and brought up in Doon. After a short stint in the tea gardens of Assam with Tata Tea, he follows his passion and marks his entry into tinsel town with a cameo performance in Marukh Mirza’s movie, “Say Yes to Love”. After then he appeared in many movies and most recently in “Dum Laga ke Haisha”. Currently, he is working on a Music Video “Har Pal” and on the sets we got a chance to talk to him. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q- In the entire spectrum of people involved in the film making process, the actor’s is probably the biggest struggle. Tell us about your journey?Kunal Malla_Bollywoodirect

Even as a teenager I was passionate about teaching& singing. But, started my career as a Tea Planter in Assam & then moved to education & then struggled as a singer in the industry. I got my first break as an actor in Maruk Mirza’s movie ‘Say yes to love’. My struggle as an actor has been ever since from the first film & will always be till my last film.

Q- Does it help you as an actor that you are also a singer? And what was the inspiration behind the song “Har Pal”?

Singers & actors are always very emotionally driven artist. ‘HAR PAL’ emotions are attached to both actor and singer.  Feeling what you are singing or acting really helps in the song or actor to be real. ‘HAR PAL’ is very intensive song showing pain when people go away relationship break up or your past. Music is very instrumentally your mood shifts, whether if it is pensive or rocking. I strongly believe that my ability to emote through my voice has a role to play on any ability to act.

Q- Can you tell us about the team that put the song together?

The song has been written by Prashant Thapa who’s a lyricist & a talented singer and dancer. The music was composed by Amit Verma who’s a noted musician in uttrakhand & runs his own studio by the name of ‘LOK DWANI’. The guitar & music has been done by noted musician of Bollywood industry & has been recorded in the ‘Lalit’s studio’ in Juhu circle Mumbai.

Har Pal_Ajay Govind_Kunal Malla_Bollywoodirect1
Singer Kunal Malla(R) with the Har Pal director Ajay Govind(L)

Q- How did the collaboration with Mr. Ajay Govind for the music video come about?

Mr.Govind was introduced through a common friend & then saw the Govind’s work in song ‘Meharbaan’ & other films which Mr.Govind doing and which are very impressive. So we had a word with Mr. Ajay regarding our video & both of us are much exited of doing it together.

Q- Your film Dum Laga ke Haisha with Yashraj is releasing soon, tell us about your role and that experience?

My role in ‘DUM LAGA KE HAISHA’ is that of Ayushman Khurana’s Brother-in-law. My presence is there in most of the scene as being important part of the family. My experience with yash raj was a learning one from where I learnt lot from my co-actors, my director & the team involved in Dum LagaKe Haisha. Yash Raj is very professional to work with & experience with them is Excellent.

Q- Managing a school, acting, singing… what next?Kunal Malla_Bollywoodirect 4

‘Going to moon” (joking) I follow my passion and all have become my passion from teaching to acting & singing. I have passion of Martial Arts and have black belt in karate. I am also fond of a variety of presently bike and cars.  I am looking forward to do a lead role in Hollywood/Bollywood movies & have already been selected for Hollywood movie going to be started.

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