We are all living stories on a daily basis. Our lives are full of stories, what we don’t have are narrators. Kerry on Kutton is an extraordinary narration of these ordinary tales from the land of Uttar Pradesh. What happens there stays there. The handling of the subject is highly unconventional and unique. 

The movie plays around the themes of virginity, gender, misled youth, dreams, desires by deploying situational humour, drama, and action. It is a “desi” twist to the idea of “American dream”, the youth in the film is disillusioned with the idea of love, lust, desire, and dreams.

Kerry on Kutton in one word it will be “unconventional”. Right from the theme, to the treatment; to the characters; to the setting. We have unraveled the “extraordinary” from the “ordinary.”

Movie is all set to release on 1st July 2016.


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