The Delhi-based production house, Sisyphus Rocks Films is back with another independent production and this time it’s a Malayalam music video. The popular Malayalam classical composition, Karuna Cheyvan finds a new interpretation in both the music and the storytelling. The video is based on the theme of a mother’s influence on a child using the story of a relationship between a dancer and her daughter to tell the story. Written and directed by Ajay Govind, the video was shot by Tanweer Ahmed and the production was headed by Vinay Kumar.Shooting still4
“Its definitely a unique presentation of a classical composition-certainly a first of its kind,” Dr. Bose, the vocalist and composer of this version of the song said. Dr. Bose has composed songs for Tamil and Telugu films and he composed this full-fledged album to make classical music more appealing to the youth.
Acclaimed Mohiniyattam dancer Dr. Jayaprabha Menon choreographed the song which was shot in Mehrauli, Chhattarpur and Garh mukhteshwar (UP).
“Ajay wanted a dance drama sort of a presentation but set in real locations which was a very interesting experience for me and my students who performed with me in the video ,” she said. 
In keeping with the central theme, the video released on youtube and Vimeo on 8th May – Mother’s Day.
SRF is not new to the indie path. having produced and released a feature film in 2014 and a short film in 2015. But unlike two earlier videos which were a collaboration with other production houses, this is the first time SRF has ventured to produce a music video.
 Shooting still1
“I’d say as far as risk-taking is concerned, we have definitely gone a step ahead with the decision to shoot a Malayalam music video based on a Carnatic composition using a classical dance form for the storytelling. But we believe that as long as audiences can relate to the story, the language should not be a barrier. I am eager to hear people’s reactions to the video,” Ajay Govind said.

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