Promising Director AjayGovind, whoseAfter The Third Bell was well received, is all set for his new project. In midst of everything, BD got a chance to talk to him on the various aspects of his film and his views on film making.

Overwhelmed with the audience response, “I could have hoped for better numbers but in terms of the quality of the response I was extremely satisfied. It was just what I had wanted. Not that the numbers were disappointing given how little publicity the film got, but I do wish we had reached out to more people. I hope to be able to do that through the Internet and DVD release. “Says Ajay, who hails from Kozhikode and is now based in New Delhi.


“After the Third Bell” a character driven murder mystery, was a dream project and big learning experience for Ajay Govind, who went out for a very successful crowd funding initiative. When asked about his learning experience, he told “It definitely got a bit overwhelming as it neared the release but what a tremendous journey. I don’t think there was actually ever an active moment when I sat down to think that I would watch ATTB in the theatres. As far as learning is concerned, every step went along the way. I had no experience with a lot of the things that needed to be done after we completed production. That says it all I think. It was almost like a 3-year course in filmmaking. Except that ‘diploma’ films never get a theatrical release.”

He recently directed a music video “Meherbaan” , that has been produced by Sanjay Suri’s KAHWA Production. “Meherbaan” is a romantic song by Vineet Dhingra, and Zain Durrani and Zenia Starr played the lead characters in this mesmerizing video. The shooting has been done in a beautiful location in Dharamsala called The Ballu, which Ajay felt, was best suited for the video.(VIDEO LINK)

When asked about the transition from directing a murder mystry to romantic video, Ajay said “Storytelling is storytelling regardless of the genre so in that sense there wasn’t much of a transition. But yes, ATTB was shot inside a dimly lit remand room and with Meherbaan I was in the mountains-the hero chasing the heroine as they playfully run on a bridge: Directing Meherbaan was actually good prep also because I am working on the script of romantic comedy right now. To create that chemistry in a 4-minute song is definitely challenging but I’d give credit to Zain and Zenia for that. They did a fab job.”

Ajay, who comfortably brought the characters out of the newcomers in his previous works,feels that it will be challenging to work with the actors who are keen to break away from an existing ‘image’. “For instance, I would love to cast Sanjay Suri as an angry brooding man or RiteishDeshmukh in a quiet intense role or Vinay Pathak playing a villain. Also, I am certainly very interested in reprising the role of BalbirrChowdharry from ATTBand to do justice to the talent of Akanksha D. Sharma who essayed that role so superbly.”

Ajay is currently busy withOnir’s next film Shab ,in which he is involved as a Line Producer. When we wanted to know about the shift of gears from the creative space of direction to line production, he told “I think while the creative/non-creative distinction might seem real from the outside the fact is it has to all come together to make something that’s on a piece of paper become real. So it’s a lot of work and its different but I am enjoying the challenges it involves.” He also told us that “ It’s been a great experience working closely with Onir. Even though I am involved in production, this gives me a great insight into his process. I love how he immerses himself in the film.”

Apart from Shab, Ajay is also working on few scripts that he will start shooting soon. “ I actually have three more or less ready scripts at this point of time. What is exciting is that they are all very different from each other. I’ve finished the 1st draft of the screenplay of one of these scripts and I am thrilled that Sanjay Suri has said yes to the role I offered him and he will also be co-producing this film. The screenplay I am actively working on right now though is a Delhi-Kerala based rom-com for which I am hoping to cast an actor from Kerala in the lead and a newcomer for the female lead.” Ajay told us very enthusiastically.

He added “ I am really looking forward to this one because it’s a very new space for me. There are so many romantic films but only a few truly remain with you so I am aware that creating that magic isn’t easy at all. But then again the real magic is in this journey itself and I am just always trying to make the most of it.”

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