The amazing Namit Das is back and this time with a surprise. Namit, whom you saw on a theater stage, TV and films, is now coming up with a music video, where he has written the songs, composed them and directed the video as well.tum-bhi-na-manasi parekh-namit das-sumeet vyas-anurag shankar-bollywoodirect-video-songs

Namit spoke to Bollywoodirect about the many things he is doing right now, about his old connection with music and how he is looking to emerge victorious at many levels. Obviously, we talked about his new music video ‘Tum Bhi Na’, that also introduces Manasi Parekh as an independent singer.

Q: You are coming up with a musical album cum video. Your fans never knew this side of your personality. Tell us about the connection with the music?

A: I have a band called Namit Das+Anurag Shankar. The band deals with the music composed in the 60s and 70s by my family. I am sort of reviving those tunes. Anurag and I are involved in music and we gel well, we started off the band.

Q: How did the idea of coming up with music video originated in your mind?

A: We started doing workshops on independent music early this year. Many people were a part of it.  One of our first workshops that we took was for writer’s block in April and Manasi happened to attend that workshop and that’s where Tum Bhi Na was formed. Manasi was very curious to have an independent music release. She said Tum Bhi Na is looking like a very, very interesting proposition for her to launch herself as an independent artist also. She has produced it. We then did one song. Anurag then said if we are doing one song then why don’t we do three songs. So, there are three songs and they will get released after an interval. So, Tum Bhi Na releases in Mid November. We have another release in December and then the last release in January.

tum-bhi-na-manasi parekh-namit das-sumeet vyas-anurag shankar-bollywoodirect-video-songs
Namit Das+Anurag Shankar

Q: You have also directed the music video. This is another side of yours which not many know.

A: We were very engrossed in writing and composing. Manasi said that you have written the song and because you have composed it as well with Anurag, why don’t you put your head to making a music video. So, this was the process of eventually directing it.

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Q: Is direction on your cards now after Tum Bhi Na?

A: After directing this video, I have developed a love for being behind the camera. For me, I believe that the idea is bigger. The idea that Manasi introducing herself as an independent artist and then the little story that we have in the music video. This is the bigger picture and for me, that is very important. I have just tried to execute that. I don’t know if that is the process for a director or not but this is definitely I have followed.tum-bhi-na-manasi parekh-namit das-sumeet vyas-anurag shankar-bollywoodirect-video-songs

Q: You have done theater, TV, films and now into music as well? What is the next possible thing for you now?

A: The next possible thing is to do more. Do more of this stuff. Hopefully, direct more and act more. I am a part of a very big musical which is going to happen in New York City very soon. It is called Monsoon Wedding. I am part of this broadway musical by Mira Nair That will be a completely new venture. Not because this will be a musical and because it is on broadway but because it is in a country where I don’t know how people function. I have never worked in America. So, that is something I am really looking forward to. That is the new Everest that I want to climb.

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Q: There is Sumeet Vyas, who is a very popular face in the web series now, in the music video. Was he an instant choice?

A: I will be very frank with you. This was the first time I was directing and Sumeet Vyas is my brother-in-law and I have used him. I will have to say this that I have used him (laughs). Three months back, I just gave him a call and told him about the video and that I was going to direct it. So, I asked him to come on board and help me out. I just told him to look fantastic in the video. He did just that.

Q: And he must have told you then that ‘Sumeet Sambhal Lega’?

A: (Laughs) Yes, yes. He got ready to do it instantly. I am very gracious to him and Manasi, who was very, very kind and generous to me on the set. They listened to all the rubbish that I told them and made sense out of it. I really thank Sumeet that he came on board. He, by the grace of god, is doing so well. I wish him all the luck and love in the world and in some way the love and luck way is coming my way as in my first directorial venture I have him.

Interview By: Shubham Pandey

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