You saw her on TV in different characters. Now, you will see her soothing your ears with her first music album called ‘Tum Bhi Na’. Manasi Parekh is all set to launch herself as an independent music artist and she is more than happy and more than nervous at the same time.

We chatted with her a day back and she talked about the music album, her love for singing and what we can expect from her in the coming days.

Catch her here.

Q: People know you more as an actor than a singer. How did the inclination towards singing happen to you?

A: I am essentially a singer who became an actor. I have been acting for so long that people know me as an actor. However, I am trained in classical music. I have also won a TV reality show called ‘Star Ya Rockstar’. I have done musical theatre and I have travelled the world singing and acting. Now, through my first music album ‘Tum Bhi Na’, I think the message will be out that I am a singer.Tum Bhi Na_Music Album_Manasi Parekh_Namit Das_Sumeet Vyas_Bollywoodirect-Watch-Listen-free-online

Q: Tell us something about the music album cum video that you are coming up with.

A: There are three songs in the album. The first one is Tum Bhi Na and this song actually happened after a workshop. It is a product of a workshop that composers of the song, Namit Das and Anurag Shankar held. We did one exercise under the workshop in which they gave us a hook line ‘Tum Bhi Na’ and asked us to write a song on that. Eventually, it became a really nice song. Then, we decided to produce it. Then, two more songs happened and that’s how we got it started.

Each song is a different genre. The first song is more like a Jazz. It has that vibe. There is another song called ‘Kesariya’. The third song is ‘Mehak’. All these songs have an element of a woman and this is the reason I relate to them very well. They deal in different colours and shades that depict a woman’s journey in life. So, each song is quite special.

This is a step in the direction of becoming an independent music artist for me. The objective is to create music which is our music and considering we are visual artists also, we want to come with a visual representation of what we are doing in music.

I Am Liking It Behind The Camera After Directing ‘Tum Bhi Na’

Q: The music video looks to be a fresh idea as not many have explored it.

A: We definitely wanted the music video because there was a strong visual storyline that came in Namit’s mind. And the idea was to make a video like those made in the 90s. Such videos are no more there. That sort of a narrative was thought with a touch of modernity.

It’s about a girl who loves a guy who loves himself more than her. She is just wishing if he could love her half of how much he loves himself, then she would be happy. She has been attracted to him but he does not really respond to her in that way. That was the whole idea behind the video.Tum Bhi Na_Music Album_Manasi Parekh_Namit Das_Sumeet Vyas_Bollywoodirect-Watch-Listen-free-online

Q: After you guys featured in ‘Sumeet Sambhal Lega’, you and Namit Das are coming back together with this music album. Tell us something about this bond you guys share.

A: We have been friends for 15 years now. We were classmates in college. We were very close friends in college. I was on a different path and he was on his own. He was figuring out about his career and working hard. Then we reconnected with ‘Sumeet Sambhal Lega’ and both of us are singers, so that’s how the connection happened. It’s been a constructive friendship.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: There are many things which are happening but it will be too soon to say anything as everything will be happening next year. We will talk about it when it actually happens. As of now, I cannot say anything. 

Interview By: Shubham Pandey

Image Courtesy: Manasi Parekh’s official facebook

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