Ganesh Ki friend Request

What if “Lord Ganesha” has Facebook account! So, what will be the criteria to become his friend? Whose friend’s request will he accept? A 8 yr old kid tries to find the answers while taking Ganesha Idol on a journey throughout Mumbai.
Written & Directed by Jayant Gupta
Produced by Saurabh Gupta and Vipul Kumar
Editor: Ram Sony
Director of photography: Arif Lalani
Dialogues: Jayant Gupta
Associate Director: Vipul Kumar
Background Score: Ankit-Harshit
creative inputs: Sanjeev Rathore
sound recordist: Gourav singh
production manager: Sarit Vaibhav Singh
Assistant director: Yugansh gupta & Kiran Sawant
critic, creative inputs & promotion: Amit Jindal


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