Barefoot to Goa is a feature film exploring the nuances of loneliness. It’s a parable on the moribund human bonds in a fast-paced world, which is a warning that poignantly highlights the futility of life and death in a cinematic essay that celebrates the innocence of the young, mocks the indifference of the adults, and mourns the loneliness of the old. The film explores the nuances of loneliness and mourns of the death of values and beliefs without being mournful.

Director – Praveen Morchchale

Star Cast – Farukha Jaffar, Purva Parag, Prakhar, Saara Nahar

Co-Producer- Satyajeet Chourasia

Festival Participation :

1. Mumbai Film Festival, Oct. 2013. World Premier in International Competition Section

2. Chennai International Film Festival, Dec 2013 in Indian Panorama Section

3. Peloponnesian International Film Festival, Greece, Dec 2013 in International Competition section

4. Bangalore International Film Festival, Dec 2013 in Indian Competition section

5. International Children Film Festival, Bangalore Jan 2014 in International Competition

6. Officially selected to Columbian International Film Festival for Youth, Bogota, May 2014

7. Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, May 2014 

8. CMS International Film Festival April 2014


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