A Day At Salman Khan House is an interview of  Salman Khan at his house Galaxy apartment. Where Salman is not only talking about himself but also showing his house.

Salman has spent more than 40 years in Galaxy Apartments. He has been residing here since his childhood days along with his parents. The Salman Khan house is located at Bandstand, in the suburb of Bandra, in the city of Mumbai. Even after achieving success, he did not change his address and move to a lavish and classy high rise since he has grown up here and is used to everything the way it is. The actor is deeply attached to his childhood memories associated with this building.

Galaxy Apartments has been occupied by the Khans since last four decades and has never lied vacant, till date. The abode of Salman Khan and his family has almost become a landmark to all those people residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sallu Bhai’s fan followers gather in front of his apartment during his birthday or Eid festivities every year, just to catch a glimpse of their favourite superstar! The superstar himself comes out to the verandah to greet and wave to millions of admirers.

A must watch for every Salman Khan fan.

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