Shammi Kapoor King Of Romance is a biographical film on the actor Shammi Kapoor whose charm and energy as a dancer and actor will always be remembered. 

Being a quintessential actor, Shammi Kapoor has danced his way to success from ‘China Town’ to ‘An Evening in Paris’. His quirky dance moves and ‘Yahoo’ won million hearts back then and still is our favourite.

When he entered the industry in the early 50s, the world wasn’t sure how to react to this stylish, playboy kind of a hero. It didn’t take them much to get convinced. Playing the romantic hero came naturally to Shammi Kapoor who wooed with such passion and madness that it didn’t take long before his heroines melted in his arms and the audience melted to his charm.

Flamboyant and cuddly, Shammi Kapoor had managed to create a niche for himself, which was untouchable. Shammi Kapoor got the best romantic songs or he managed to make them memorable, is debatable. But can we even imagine the naughty ‘Yun toh humne laakh haseen dekhe hai’ or the soulful ‘Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par’ and such innumerable songs without him?

Director: Suresh Sharma

Courtesy: Film Division

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