There are certain character roles in movies, which stamps an everlasting image in audience mind. Sometime that character steals the show from the protagonists and creates an ideal image for that type of roles. The character Mandook in “Shor in the City”, stole every scene from Tusshar Kapoor, and created an everlasting image of tapori in the mind of cinema lovers. Funnily enough, the character was played by Pitobash, an actor who hails from Bhubaneshwar, for whom the Bambaiya street lingo and body language was borderline-alien.

Pitobash, was recently in news for his performance in “Million dollar arm” have already created a buzz on the silver screen with his performance in movies like I am Kalam (2010), Shanghai (2012), Aalap (2012). Team BD recently got a chance to talk to him about his journey, aspirations and much more. Here are the excerpts from the conversation.

When you get attracted towards acting? What inspired to try your hands in acting? Please tell us about your journey?IMG_05

For me it’s from a very early stage. From my childhood I love to sing, dance, to play different instrument and act on stage. Slowly I realized that the combination of all this is acting. Being an actor you have to do all of these things depending on your character. And thankfully what I always wanted I am doing that. Thank god.

I come from Odisha. I used to take part in all school and inter school competition…Used to take part in school and college drama. After finishing my 12th from Bhubaneswar I sat for engineering entrance and graduated from Kolkata. Along with my engineering, I used to do professional theatre in Kolkata from 2001-05. Finished my engineering and applied for FTII same year and luckily cracked the entrance. After, finishing FTII came to Mumbai in 2008.

You studied engineering and then Film and Television Institute of India and what made you to go this way?

See, I always wanted to an actor from childhood. But I was a good scholar. I like science and mathematics. So in 12th I took science. This always leads for engineering  or medical. But I knew that after my graduation I will apply for film school. That is the reason why I choose to do my graduation in Kolkata which is a bigger city than Bhubaneswar and hence will get more scope to prepare myself for future journey.

IMG_07You have also spent a quite good amount of time doing theatre plays. What are the major differences you have experienced, when we compare to the acting in Movies?

I still do theatre. Theatre and films are two different forms. Finally at the end of the day as an actor you have to play a character whether on a stage or in front of the camera. But because they are two different forms it’s very important to adapt the technicality of both the forms. In theatre you are in front of a live audience and you have only one take. Also you have to play your character such a way that it’s reaches everybody.  In films, you have to perform according to the lens and the frame. So many times you don’t have your co-actors in front of you but you have imagined them and act. I enjoy both acting in both forms.

You’ve played some very diverse character roles in your career and you always bring some realistic observations to every character. Can you talk about how your roots helped develop you personally and define you as an actor?

For an actor the three main words are observation, imagination and concentration. That says everything. How much you observed from life is always helps to add little nuances to character.

How was the overall experience during the shooting of “Million Dollar Arm”?

It was an awesome experience. ‘Million Dollar Arm’ is my 1st international work. So to be frank I was a little nervous before start shooting. There are so many talented and critically acclaimed people in the film from the director to the producer, actors, and technicians. But they are so friendly and we actually become a family during the shoot.

A small-town guy made it to big stage solely on talent and passion. Your story can inspire many budding actors. What will be realistic approach you will suggest to the newcomers?

Only Passion and talent are not enough. Dedication, focus and hard work intelligently are very important.

In which upcoming projects, you are working on?

Couples of films are there. The producers will announce soon.

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