Sometimes Bollywood inspires people so much that Bollywood becomes their life, identity and surname too & “Naarghita” is one of them.

In the 60s -70s, a young girl from Pufesti, Vrancea county, conquered Romania and even the entire world. She became a legend as the Naarghita. Not only with her golden voice but also with dance she impressed everyone.

Naarghita, a singer, and dancer from Romania, whose story still sparkle somehow like a fairy tale. Maria Amarghioalei was born January 14, 1939, in the village of Pufeşti, in Romania. She was just three when her parents separated and she moved to Bucharest with her grandparents until she was nine then she followed her mother to the capital. There she studied classical dance and singing and enters a corps de ballet. In 1956 she watched a Hindi movie “The Vagabond” (“Awaara” – 1951) by Raj Kapoor and felt in love with Indian music and dance. She learned the songs just by listening and made debut in 1957 with the song “Chand” (“Moon”) from this film which was accepted enthusiastically by the audience.

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Naarghita with Raj Kapoor

Then she started deepening her knowledge on Indian culture studying Hindi for several years and a professor from the Bucharest university gave her a saree and Indian songs.

Narghita experienced true celebrity and brilliance in the 60s and 70s. Throughout her career, she gave concerts around the world: England, USA, France, Lebanon, Egypt. Millions applauded her, burning for the romantic songs from India.

In 1967, Indira Gandhi noted Narghita, during a visit to Romania and, stunned by the talented artist, took her to India where she met her idol, Raj Kapoor. in 1972 she also acted in a Bollywood movie.

Naarghita-Romania-Bollywood-Bollywoodirect-Raj Kapoor-Indira Gandhi-Life-Family-Pics-Photos-Films-Movies-Dance-Singer
Naarghita with Indira Gandhi

From 1959 to 1991 she published a dozen of records with Indian songs, then she mysteriously disappears and leaves the trace of a true legend.

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