Shlok Sharma, the most sought after name, after his recent short film “Bombay Mirror” created ripples in the social media and broke the parameters of virality is busy with his next project “Haraamkhor”. Shlok has also impressed the audience and pave his way to success with the work like Dev D (2009), Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) and Tubelight ka Chand (2010). He also directed one of the stories of “Shorts” (2013). Between all his busy schedule, he took some time out for Bollywoodirect and talk about his experiences and aspirations.

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Q: You have already created a wave with your short films, and your success with these short films is quite unusual. To start with, how this journey started for you?

To be honest, I really don’t  know what defines ‘success’. I have always enjoyed the process of making films and that’s all that matters. I began this journey with films as a Production Asst. on Vishal Bhardwaj’s Blue Umbrella. And after watching the likes of Vishalji and Anurag Sir (Anurag Kashyap), making my own films, was the most natural progression. I made my 1st short film in 2009, ‘Tubelight Ka Chand’. And since then, it has just been an on-going process.

Q: Currently, your work “Bombay mirror” is catching a lot of attention and going Viral limitlessly. Can you please elaborate how this idea got started and how your previous experiences helped you in developing these characters in such a natural manner?

5 of us were approached to make 3 min long short films for UTV & Aircel, as part of their campaign. And I just did what came to me naturally. The story, the placement & the choice of actors – it was all instinctive. My characters are always based on my observation of all I see around – be it, people, be it situations.

Q: Till now we have seen your inclination towards short films, even though you are getting chances in feature films. Is there any specific reason behind your inclination?

I started making films with the intention of telling a tale. And there is nothing more exciting to me than telling it in 3 mins or 10 mins. Even though, my 1st feature is almost ready, and I am powered with more feature film scripts, I feel that short films keep me excited. So I have also decided that come whatever may, from now on, I am going to make at least one short film per year – only for myself.

Haraamkhor_Nawazuddin Siddqui_Shweta Tripathi_Shlok Sharma_BollywoodirectQ: For a long time, Short films have been a way to showcase the work of new talents. You seem to redefine it, by using it as a medium to create awareness. How do you see it moving forward? 

Well, at the cost of sounding a little inordinate, for me films are how I say a story, how I express an idea, how I speak my mind in the form of stories. Rest everything else is a by-product. And as of now, it will always be like that. If at all I have to make a film for creating awareness it’d be a documentary.

Q: Your movie “Haramkhor” is also set to release. What is this movie about? What is the biggest difference you noticed comparing to directing short films?

Haraamkhor is essentially a love story and has Nawazzuddin Siddiqui. Apart from that, I wouldn’t want to discuss much at this stage about the film.  As far as the difference between making a short film and feature film, actually there isn’t any. Simply, because at the end of the day, they are both stories being told on celluloid, only with different durations. They both need the same kind of devotion and hard work – creatively and logistically, by a team.


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