Sayyeshaa makes her debut with Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay. She finds herself very fortunate that she was chosen by Devgn himself to do the film with him. To be acted and directed by a huge star is not a bad start for any debutant.Sayesha Saigal-Shivaay-Ajay Devgn-Saira Banu-Dilip Kumar-Interview-Video-Bollywoodirect

We caught up with Sayyeshaa and tried to get close to her life, her choices and future as an actor in the hindi film industry.

Q: Acting is in your family, It must have been easy for you to choose to be an actor or did you want to become something else in life?

A: I was probably two when I knew I wanted to act. I always loved to dance in the house. I loved looking in the mirror and doing something. I have always been like that. I also started getting different art training when I was very young. I think I was just 9 when I started getting dance training. I always knew I was going to be an actor.

Q: You are grand-niece of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. Your parents are also from the same profession. How much inspired were you from them to take up this profession?

A: Honestly, we hardly spoke about films at home. I had a very academic upbringing. I was a science student, so I was very studious. Even at home, we would talk about traveling and other things. We never talked films. I never saw a film magazine even coming to my home. I don’t think so there was any influence of my grandparents on my taking up acting as a profession. I was always in love with the camera. I loved the whole creative aspect of it. My family has always been very supportive. They knew I wanted to get into movies.

Q: Did you tell Dilip Sahab and Saira Ma’am that you were going to act in a film?

A: I think they always saw it in me. When I signed Shivaay, I went to them to tell that I was doing this film and it was going to be my debut film. They felt really happy. They always say that do what makes you happy.

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Q: Have they seen the film?

A: My Grandparents have not seen the film yet. I will organize a screening for them. My parents and other members of the family have seen the film and they were happy to see me on screen.

Q: You are working with Ajay Devgn, who is one the best actors in the film industry. How was the experience of working with him?

A: I don’t even need to say how good an actor he is. He is a flawless actor. It was a great learning experience to be working with him. As a director, Ajay sir is very, very clear in what he wants. He is someone who is not only good in acting department but even in the technical aspect of filmmaking. He knows what he wants. It’s good when you have a director who is very clear about what he wants.

Sayesha Saigal-Shivaay-Ajay Devgn-Saira Banu-Dilip Kumar-Interview-Video-Bollywoodirect
Erika Kaar, Ajay Devgn and  Sayyeshaa. (Photo Courtesy: Yogen Shah &

Q: He appears very serious kind of person. How was he on the sets?

A: He is a very quiet person. He likes to be that way. But when you actually get to know him, he has a very good sense of humor. He is always quiet but suddenly he would say something very, very funny. Also, he is such a huge star yet he is so humble. I never felt that he is a big star. He is very down to earth. That is one of his best qualities.

Q: Why did you choose Shivaay to be your debut film? Sayyeshaa 

A: It was Ajay sir and film that chose me. I am so new in the industry that I am in no position to choose a film. Ajay sir choosing me for Shivaay was a big thing.

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Q: What is that one thing that makes Shivaay standout from other films?

A: A lot of people are saying it’s an action film, which it is of course. But it is not just an action film. There’s more to it. Every action that happens is related to emotion. It’s not happening because we just need to blow some cars up for no reason. The father and daughter bond is very beautiful too. People are loving it.

Q: Was there anyone you looked up to while you were growing up?

A: I used to watch a lot of film while I was growing up. I was influenced by the whole world of cinema but Meryl Streep really inspired me.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: There are two-three things that I am trying to work out. One of them I have finalised and soon the film will be announced.

Interview By: Shubham Pandey


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