Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D’Cruz, Govinda, Kalki Koechlin, Ranvir Shorey, Preity Zinta

Directors: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK

Rating: 2/5

You don’t have to be a hardcore fan to know the set recipe for any romantic comedy film. Boy meets girl. Both are opposite in every sense. Girl falls for the boy. Boy hates commitment. Heart breaks. Love aches. Girl leaves. Boy misses. Boy seeks. Boy realizes. And then comes the fairly famous ‘Airport’ scene where things apparently fall into their pre-designed place! How hard it could be! But what if you want to break it and mold the same in a complete new pattern? Well, you have to be smart enough to pull it off and not confused even an ounce to ruin the promise and the prospect. Impressive filmmaker duo Raj & DK’s HAPPY ENDING fits in both the scenario equally. And that makes it an irritating mash-up of likeable scenes & enjoyable smart one-liners with futilely overstretched plot & an almost never-ending climax.

Yudi [Saif Ali Khan] is a ‘one book wonder’ writer who hasn’t written any more in last 6 years in short of good ending but knows well when to call for an end in a relationship. Hearing his girl saying those three magical words could cause him signs of losing his confidence to his illustrious stuttering state. His latest break-up status with the all mental & dental overbearing girlfriend [the cutely annoying Kalki] is still ‘complicated’. He couldn’t tell her straight because he didn’t want to hurt her. ‘What a thoughtful jerk!’ one of his ex-girlfriends compliments him.

In a parallel track, the fading writer Yudi has no other option left but to write a superhit romantic comedy film taking so-called ‘scene by scene’ inspirations from Hollywood hits for a Bollywood superstar [Govinda keeps his charms working]. Though his life so far has been one such romantic comedy, Yudi chooses to go around with a budding writer Aanchal [Ileana D’Cruz] to get help and soon lands himself in situations expected from more than a mile! Well, almost!

The film works well at many fronts. Beautiful locations, pictorial cinematography, smart one-liners and Saif Ali Khan back in ‘his’ den. He does hit every chord right portraying a puzzled, commitment-scared flirt dressed in all designer summery cool clothing line with the costliest car on road. He sure looks confident and comfortable as an actor here and that’s much relief after his horrendous HUMSHAKALS act. Kalki marks an electrifying presence the whole time she’s on screen. Ranvir Shorey succeeds in providing some good laughs but it’s Govinda who never misses your attention and love for his expressive mannerism. My favorite subplot includes Preity Zinta playing an understanding, kind and gracious ex-girlfriend of Yudi.

Film falters big time by reaching nowhere while looking aimlessly for a different recipe of a romantic comedy. You can not compromise with the one you pulled your guns at. That never takes you any close to heroism. And Raj & DK being the whistleblowers in the industry, it feels worse. You can expect any low from Kohlis, Anands and Malhotras of renowned big banners but not from these two. Film starts settling for a convenient, age-old, tried & tested ending after much wandering in the second half. It gets so dreary that the last 20 min seems unbearably long. Yudi mouths a thoughtful line at the end, “One shouldn’t always look for a happy ending. End it wherever you think it should”. I wish the writers & the makers of the film would have taken it seriously.

Review Written By:- Gaurav Rai



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