Well, let’s accept it, not all of us are lucky enough to find love. In fact, just 1% of us actually end up finding someone to love and getting loved by the same person.  So your chances of being in that 1% are very less, especially if you are an engineer.

So when you lose all hopes, the one and unique perk of being Indian comes to your aid like a shining armour. YEP. Giving your mum the unreasonable joy of getting you… a spouse 😉

But what if you finally hear that guitar playing in your head and the fluttering butterflies in your stomach on meeting this person? What if love comes disguised as a forced coffee-date, approved credentials and okayed by family?

Wait a minute, its not done yet. You can still face rejection and this time, even your family would know. What will you do now? Watch this cute little web series by ‘Emotionalfulls’ to find out what should you do, because after all, in our country, even Love can be Arranged.

Watch all the 5 episodes here: 

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