Kanishk Seth is a budding music producer & singer of the country, who is creating his name with a different type of Music. Last year, his debut album “Trance with Khusrow” was well received and appreciated by the music lovers. With his passion for music and motivation to mark his name in Indian Music, he has recently come up with an Animated Music video “Jab Yaar Dekha”, which further proves his mettle.

Bollywoodirect got a chance to talk to him about “Jab Yaar Dekha”, his background and much more.

Could you tell me a little more about your musical background? Have you always loved to sing? Did you have any formal training?

I’m blessed to have born in a musical family. I have been learning music since the age of 5. I wasn’t really taught music (to be specific – ragas and sargams), it was the atmosphere in which my brother and I grew up. Always thank god for it.

“Jab Yaar Dekha” is a very mesmerizing & a visual treat. What was the inspiration behind this song?

 I think it’s the magic of the song which made all of us ( Kavish & I ) create a dreamy story. I had never expected that the concept would come out so beautifully. 

Jab Yaar Dekha -Kanishk Seth-Kavita Seth- Bollywoodirect


You recorded this song together with your mother Kavita Seth, who is renowned singer. How was the overall experience?

Working with my mom was not only an honour but also a lot of fun. Her expertise in the field and divine connection with whatever she sings is something I adore. In fact it is needless to say that I learnt a lot from her. There were times I would act like a child and put on the ‘know it all’ attitude. At such times she patiently taught me and explained where the impact of a particular instrument should be highlighted and how it would sound the most beautiful. One of the challenges that I faced was the fact that I had to incorporate words into music, since usually it is the other way round.

Also, largely, trance music has minimal usage of words. It is the music that overpowers the lyrics. It is a loop of words that is primarily used. But here timeless poetry of Khusrow dated 800 years ago was what we were working with. I had to keep the soul of Sufi music and poetry alive. 

Jab Yaar Dekha -Kanishk Seth-Kavita Seth- Bollywoodirect
Kanishk with Kavita Seth

What is your approach to music, and do you try to make in unconventional?

I think people should not make music to make it sound unconventional. You lose the originality when you do that. It may sound different from the herd but at the end of the day it is the self-satisfaction that each artist asks for. One should rather spend time with themselves, discovering their own identity and interests in sounds and then try making music.

Do you believe YouTube is a great way of showcasing talent of youngsters like you?

Oh yes, completely. Artistes who are not backed by investors or do not have enough budget to promote their video on mainstream media can heavily rely on YouTube and other social media networking sites.

What do you think about the future of Crowd funding in India?

I think it has a great future. I can already see so many Indie artistes, filmmakers and many other people crowd-funding to make their dreams a reality.

As a relatively newcomer to the scene, what’s your take on the state of the music industry? Do you worry about potentially being taken advantage of as an artist?

I think it’s high time that the music labels find and promote good Indie artists. India needs a change. The kind of music that Bollywood has been producing since the last couple of years is saddening. It’s time, the music labels and artistes produce great content that would not only give people a change in taste but also give hope to other artistes to come up with good content.

What are some of your all-time favorite albums?

“Is there love in space” – by Joe Satriani

“Baran” by Parvaaz

“Continuum” by John Mayer

“A state of trance 2010” by Armin Van Buuren

What next?

I’m currently focusing on Jab Yaar Dekha’s campaign exclusively. I will update you guys when I come up with something cool to share with the world 🙂


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