Satyajeet Dubey could have asked for a better start to his film career with the biggest star in this country Shah Rukh Khan producing the film Kabhi Kabhi. Despite having no a very big launch  Satyajeet never got derailed from his objective. He waited and waited and waited to finally get a role where he could prove himself.

He would be seen as ‘Kerry’ in his next release Kerry On Kutton and is very confident about the film doing well across all different audience sects.

Here is Satyajeet talking to Bollywoodirect!

How did you land up in Bollywood? Did you always want to be an actor?

I always loved being on the stage in school. I always loved to perform on stage. As  a child when you get  a lot of appreciation from your teachers and people around you, you get a good amount of confidence to do chose that field. Immediately after completing my 12th boards, in 2007, I shifted to Bombay and since then I have been working here as an actor and I have been very fortunate to have got great work. I started working at a very young age.

Tell us a bit more about your childhood years, the place where you grew up!

My Childhood years were very simple and joyous. I had a wonderful childhood. My father was a school teacher. For me, the fun was in very simple things. In those days, the biggest fun was to sit on his scooter and go for a ride. Bilaspur, where I grew up is a very small town. Those little joys I got there stays with me in my heart. There was no mobile and video games. As a kid, I used to be out all the time playing or doing something or the other with my friends. Also, I used to be lost in my imaginary world. And I wanted to become an actor at that time also. The urge was always there.

I loved dancing and watching movies. Reading plays and poetry was also fun. I was always completely into the fun zone.Satyajeet Dubey_Interview_Kerry On Kutton_Offiical_Bollywoodirect

You came in Bombay in 2007. How long did it take you to get work?

I was 16 when I shifted to Bombay. Before deciding to come to Bombay, I had spoken to my grandmother and she said that do whatever you love to do but don’t get depressed due to failure. My father had passed away when I was very young. I was the only male member left in the family. Despite that fact, my grandmother did not stop me from pursuing my dreams. I remember those basic teachings of my grandmother. When I came to Bombay, I was doing odd jobs like working at call centers. I was doing a lot of back stage work in theater. I learned a lot there. Eventually, I started getting TV Ads offer and television offers. I did a lot of ad films.

Finally in April 2009, I got this film called Always Kabhi Kabhi. That was my first film. It was directed by Roshan Abbas ad produced by Red Chillies Entertainment. For me, it was an unbelievable thing. It was not expected because I had not expected such an offer to come my way. Always Kabhi Kabhi just fell on my lap. I was just awestruck. I would not say that struggle has been easy. It has been tough since the day I landed up in Mumbai but I don’t know from where does this motivation come. I just knew that I was going to make it big someday. And I am sure that in coming few years, Satyajeet Dubey will be a name to which people connect with.

Satyajeet Dubey_Interview_Kerry On Kutton_Offiical_BollywoodirectLet’s talk a bit about Kerry On Kutton! Why did you choose to be a part of this film?

Despite great potential, Alwaya Kabhi Kabhi did not work. I was back to ground zero. I did not get any mentorship from anyone back then. I had realized it was not so easy. People would not any attention to you if your films don’t work. My definition of acting changed in that phase. I started looking for characters where I can prove myself. Then, Kerry On Kutton happened but it happened after 2-3 years after Always Kabhi Kabhi. When I heard the character I knew I had to do it.

People always looked at me as a cute boy and with Kerry on Kutton, I had this opportunity to change that image. Kerry is someone who is cunning and sharp and treats women just as a sex object. There is the whole background to why he thinks so. I loved the role. I was very hungry to do something like that. While growing up in a city like Bilaspur, I had seen such characters around me. For me, It was easy to get hold of that character. I knew I had to be part of the film. Also, Kerry On Kutton is a very deeply rooted story.

What is that one thing which people will remember after coming back watching the film?

See, this is a kickass, fun loving film. There is something for everyone in this film. Be it serious cinema watchers, intellectuals, masala movie lovers and the rest, each one of them will have something to cherish about. There is masala in this film and then there is the socio-political angle as well. It is a great mix of everything.

Do you recall any special moment from the shooting days?

I think I have lived this film. The whole film is very special. I was Kerry throughout the shoot. I had become the character.

One incident that I would not forget was when I got hit on my head by a local actor. It was a fight sequence and I was accidently hit in real by that guy. I did not take the injury very seriously but the pain remained for a long period of time. When I finally saw a doctor after having completed the film’s shoot, I came to know that my nerves had swollen. It took me another 5 months to be back. I had this major injury and that shook me up. This tells you how involved you are as a part of something you want to make happen.

Interview By: Shubham Pandey

Image Courtesy: Satyajeet Dubey’s facebook

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